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12 Experts: Conversations with Your Tween

I’ve been a mom for the last 24 years this month. With four kids, I’ve seen everything from potty training to first apartments. With my kids one of the most difficult ages has been the tween years. Hormones are raging, boundaries are pushed, and peer approval becomes more important than...

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3 Ways to Reach Your Kids: Giving them the tools to avoid risky behavior

My mantra when it comes to talking about any really important topic with kids is threefold: talk early, converse often, and use star power to your advantage. These all definitely apply when it comes to teaching our kids about alcohol responsibility. Talk Early The American Academy of Pediatrics recently advised...

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Ashley Wagner’s Back-to-School Tips!

Call me crazy, but growing up I secretly loved going back to school. Sure, the early morning wakeup calls and daily homework assignments were hard to get used to. But there was so much to look forward to – like making new friends, meeting new teachers, being a role model...

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Changing the Narrative Around Alcohol: A Parent’s Guide

Parents are responsible for shaping their kids’ perspectives on life and their behavior. There’s no doubt about that. But sometimes we need to shift the narrative from the one we’ve always used to something different to help our kids gain perspective and make healthier choices. It all starts with a...

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Tweendom: A parent’s guide

As my daughter enters tweendom, peer relationships are taking on new importance. Ask a pre-teen how school went that day and her answer will probably focus on social triumphs and disappointments, rather than academic ones. Who he sat with at lunch, when she was picked for kickball at recess, and...

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Energy Balance: Make it a New Summer Ritual

After nine months working hard in school, children look forward to a more relaxed schedule over the summer. For parents, it can be one long period of negotiating. From bed time to keeping up with the summer reading schedule, kids find a way to wear you down! As members of...

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Open Lines: Communicating with your kids about alcohol

Do you talk to your kids about the tough topics? Do you turn beet red and shy away when asked where babies come from? Or do you worry that your kids don’t ask you enough questions? Although it can be tough and sometimes uncomfortable, when you are a parent it...

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July 4th Healthy Recipes!

What are your Independence Day plans? Sometimes holiday festivities are filled with tons of unhealthy options, but we’ve got you covered! Here are some of our favorite healthy, festive July 4th treats from our Healthy Living board on Pinterest! Hot out? Chill out with one of these greek yogurt chocolate...

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