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Energy Balance: Make it a New Summer Ritual

After nine months working hard in school, children look forward to a more relaxed schedule over the summer. For parents, it can be one long period of negotiating. From bed time to keeping up with the summer reading schedule, kids find a way to wear you down! As members of...

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Open Lines: Communicating with your kids about alcohol

Do you talk to your kids about the tough topics? Do you turn beet red and shy away when asked where babies come from? Or do you worry that your kids don’t ask you enough questions? Although it can be tough and sometimes uncomfortable, when you are a parent it...

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July 4th Healthy Recipes!

What are your Independence Day plans? Sometimes holiday festivities are filled with tons of unhealthy options, but we’ve got you covered! Here are some of our favorite healthy, festive July 4th treats from our Healthy Living board on Pinterest! Hot out? Chill out with one of these greek yogurt chocolate...

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Ask, Listen, Learn Goals Global!

Summer is already underway and we hope you’re enjoying it on a sandy beach or out in the sunshine. We hope that it’s spent healthily, happily and, most importantly, with family and friends. As for us? We’re taking a breather from putting our toes in the sand. We spent this...

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New Playgrounds Matter

There are about 70,000 elementary schools in the Unites States and a few weeks ago a couple of them had a whole lot to celebrate. The “Healthy Playground Makeover Sweepstakes” announced that two lucky schools are the winners of a $30,000 grant and new playground. If you are a parent...

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Today is National Running Day!

Gear up, get outside and get ready because today is National Running Day! We encourage you to make healthy decisions every day, like being active and saying NO to underage drinking. Healthy habits are important to instill in your kids early. By talking about the importance of good habits, like...

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Lessons Learned from Alcohol Responsibility Month

April was Alcohol Responsibility Month. Throughout the month of April we learned many useful things about talking to our children about responsible alcohol use. The timing was right on. As mentioned in my previous post, Talking to Your Kids About Responsible Alcohol Use, I’m currently planning my wedding. Throughout this...

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Strategies & Tips: Talking Alcohol with Kelly Whalen

“What’s in your cup?” “Can I have a sip?” “Why can’t kids drink?” Kids are full of questions about the world around them. From a young age they have a curiosity that just won’t quit. It starts with the ‘why’ phase where everything you say is met with a ‘why’...

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Champions of their Future: April’s Impact from Steve Mesler

April was Alcohol Responsibility Month – check out what CEO & President of Classroom Champions had to say about the impact of hearing from Athlete Mentors about saying YES to a healthy lifestyle and NO to underage drinking. “Classroom Champions teaches students to be the champions of their futures” Whenever...

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